Review – Pokémon Mystery Dungeon – Gates to Infinity

I don’t know why I completely forgot this game existed after playing the demo, but I was able to get it off of ebay luckily (Thanks amazon for being no help at all right there! 😐)

2015-01-01 17.24.37-1
Now that I’m finished, I think its time for another one of these..


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Super Smash Bros. for Wii U (Communication Error semi-fix)

I’ve seeing this error a lot, and I believe I may have a way to fix it (maybe?)


This is an error that occurs 100% of the time on Online matches in With Friends (and rarely in For Friends/For Glory), making it impossible to even play with others
A video of the error:

The issue seems to lie in the save data itself

To fix it, you would need to select your smash bros save, and move it to your system (if you use a USB device to store the data (or an actual good flash drive in this case..)

2015-01-13 04.25.13

It’s a simple fix to the problem I had (and probably stupid of me on my end), but it really shows that you should try to get an external hard drive that is recommended by Nintendo on their support pages. I spent an entire month and a half not knowing why I couldn’t play online \;